The Road Is Long

All these paper thin puddles of ice, mud,

Leaves caught,

Radiant colors ensnared, framed,

The road is long

Like the halls of Ran

And nets me unaware,

Now nightingale calls in darker woods,

Stone and moss,

Where meli clings cold to staring ash,

The road is long

With sirens mum

And lulls me unaware.

The road is steep,

Forever on

Shadowing the rapture of Alarions, cliffs

Black and ever worn,

Stand deaf to crash of wave and storm,

The road is wild,

Crowning the Isles of the Blest

To dusky heavens around Mon’s crest

And still the way goes on

And baits me unaware.

Oblivious to ware or care,

The road is long

As it is created,

Stair after stair after stair.


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