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The poem In Northern Wisconsin has just been caught and skinned and  folded into the site. 




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October 29th

New Year’s Resolution,

To commence immediately: all  longer writing tasks that I assign to my students will hereby also be bequeathed upon myself.

When they have to write a discursive essay, so do I. They have to show their planning with spider grams and highlighters,so do I.  Same peer assessment.

Same due dates regardless of my adult, real-life, after-work schedule:, hot sandwiches, downloaded TV episodes, and random news articles that prove once and for all that life on this earth is flaming elephant dung on a runaway roller coaster car…

So  student homework is my homework, and our next homework assignment is on Animal Farm. We must discuss Orwell’s attitude towards the Animal Revolution and the results of that revolution based on his real life experiences.

First draft is due on Monday, Nov 4th. Minimum 600 words. Handwritten.

Let’s see how long this resolution sticks. Hopefully at least until Monday.

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October 29, 2013 · 4:36 pm

.com life

Finally purchased the proper site name of

Now the world is finally my wide open highway of oysters.




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Almost there…

The new site is almost operational. Thanks to everyone for their patience!

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