Get Out

It’s almost two p.m. and I haven’t been out in the sun. Been to the fridge twelve times. Haven’t opened the shades.

Are there people playing under the tree or near the fence?

Passed by some Kleenex on the floor since Tuesday and there’s a dragon tail in my throat.Time for the half-beer from last night. Its on the TV.

Maybe I’m in love? The mailman leaves. His truck crunches into second gear. Maybe someone is in love with me? Or lost their pet dragon?

The beer is sticky and warm. Now everything smells of beer and unwanted afternoon sunshine. If she would just ask, I’d give her dragon tail back. The damn things pissing me off. Keeps starting the door on fire so I cant get out.

The room goes dark with outside wind. It’s almost six p.m. Maybe I’ll go out after…

Who could be in love with me?


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